Special Feature

All the millions of Pepino Sauve fans, associates, admirers, and creditors be aware of an incredible, once in a lifetime, special feature. The Pepina, Inky Fournier, has lent her blog to a ghost writer for the day. Simply click on the Inky Fournier icon to the right there, and be treated to our visitor´s point of view of the Pepino experience in Durango. Yes, Joe “Boom-Boom” Deltoso shares his own Italian-American perspective of Northern Mexico. Free of charge. Enjoy.

One clarification, if you will allow. Young Sr. Deltoso writes of an incident that occurred today that, I am afraid, was not entirely correct. Yes, a student did yell an English explicative my way. In fact, he did so several times in the middle of a mid-afternoon Gigante supermarket, of all places. Important, too, is that the student was not mine; he studies at a rival school. And, I regret to say, he swears in impecable English. Pepino Suave smells competition…

That is the rest of the story, Pepino pals.

Hosting the Deltosos,


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