Dress Code

Good morning my public. The copy guy went out to pay the taxista, so I have a few minutes. Thought I´d give you a Hosting the Deltosos update:

  • Overheard while Ink and I were burning breakfast: “Honey, see what Tim is wearing.” First, those words were never arranged in that way in the history of the English language. Second, now Durango has two gringos walking around looking like middle-aged Forest Gump; one with a twenty peso Mexican haircut.
  • All Deltoso kids are polite, respectful, quiet, clean, and cute. Salen de su mamá…
  • The adults didn´t go out last night. While the rugrats slumbered, we drank cuba libres, vampiros, luke-warm Coronas in tiny bottles, ate everything that Doc Laseter told us not to, and judged everyone, and every instutution we know. The world is a diffent place this morning; fuzzy and kind of cotton mouthed.

We´re off to Talea´s school to paint a map. Then to Parque Guardiana to set the kids free and let a couple of old Gringos nap under a tree. Si Díos lo quiere…

Hosting the Deltosos,

Antifiltrón Pepino

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