Pepino Perdido

Just a short catch-up for our Pepino Suave fans. Pepinito has been wandering the last few days, and has neglected the beloved, world famous, highly regarded, oft-qouted, never awarded, pickled blog. Oh no, oh, no!
Here are some bullet points, to be fleshed-out later (we have the day off on Wednesday, thanks to the Dead):

Friday – a site visit to a school in the dusty town of Vincente Guerro, one hour south of Durango. Pepino Suave observed an English teacher at the town´s middle school. As fate would have it, the town was also celebrating St. Jude day. St. Jude is a patron saint, so Pepino helped a local family eat the pig they had raised, slaughtered and roasted, along with about half the town. Returned at dusk in time for choir practice. Details to follow.

Saturday – Pepino Suave clan spent the day at good Fidencio Reyes´ house. Fidencio of “Viernes Son Mios” fame, and his dear family provided us with a birthday cake, a great enchilada feast, a wine made of fruit I have never seen before, and several games of dominoe. Oh, and I turned 41. Details to follow.

Sunday – We skipped church (sorry both to Pastor Julie and Padre Andres) and went on a day long field trip into the Sierra with good friends Gabriel, Ovelia, and their three beautiful girls. Talea and the girls rode horses. Gabriel and I got the keys out of the locked trunk while the wives disappeared to wherever wives go when they lock the keys in the trunk. Details to follow.


Pepino Andariego

3 thoughts on “Pepino Perdido

  1. So sorry Senor Suave for the belated birthday wish. We all send our love(tee hee)and hope you had one heckuva feliz cumpleanos.P.S. I’m sure there’s a way to add a tilde even on this computer americano, but I don’t know how and I’m not willing to sacrifice the time to learn. Den meetings to plan, you know!

  2. P.s. Happy belated birthday to you, my love Talea!! We miss you soooo much and wish we were together for your big day, but we are very proud of you and how good you are doing in your new, adopted home. We love You!! xoxoxoxo Love,Uncle Mike, Aunt Rose,Rebecca, and Nicky

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