Fase Uno

  • The Mexican school year is broken up into five phases. This week we finish phase one with a cummulative test for each student, in each group, in each grade. Each subject level test is designed by a unit head. Hence, the test may or may not be consistant with what was taught during the phase. In my case, the test has very little to do with my program, so I am giving an additional test this week, designed by me for my students. I predict that my blog entries will be few during the next week as I will be grading tests, eating, sleeping, and grading tests, then repeating.
  • Mom and Dad´s Florida estate appears to be only slightly damaged, according to reports today. They plan on arriving late this week.
  • The Dominican Republic, my former Peace Corps site, and our destination for a couple of weeks last summer, sustained substantial rain and flood damage from the storm surge.
  • Southern Mexico is struggling with food and water shortages and looting in the aftermath of Wilma.
  • On a different note, the Durango Lobos Grisis were knocked out of the playoffs in the quarter- final round against Mexacali. Our neighbors will be home by Thanksgiving.
  • I arrived home today to find Talea romping around in her Halloween costume. The little witch will participate in Halloween here. Apparently, there is some trick ‘er treating here, too (Dulce o Dolor). Ingrid plans on taking her to the American school on Friday for some haunting.
  • Day of the Dead paraphenalia is appearing in stores around town. We are really looking forward to next week´s Mexican tradition. Stayed tune for the blog entry.

Àndale Gueyes,

Don Pepi

3 thoughts on “Fase Uno

  1. El Brothero’Hey, Mamasita and El Dad left our our sprawling Arlington, Va., ranch, having been unable to use get into the bathroom for an entire week. They plan to arrive at their estate Friday, pee streams and get some wings. We had a great visit (the Wings went 2-0) and miss them already. Tell Talea and Inky hello! Happy Birthday, Talea!!!!Rock

  2. Rock,Thanks for the Padre Update. Hope they have a good trip and voyage.I´ll tell mine hello, if you tells yours the same.Things are going well down here, as we head into the last half of the exchange.I can imagine they have you hopping, judging my what CNN has to report.Cuidate,Tim

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