• A constant undertone of our Fulbright experience has been hurricanes. In August, I hustled home from my first week of teaching to watch coverage of Katrina. Earlier this month we watched the sad aftermath of wind and floods in southern Mexico. Late last week, Wilma made landfall in and around Cancùn, reducing it to anything but a tourist area. I awoke this morning to turn on CNN and see if Wilma had struck Florida yet. Sure enough, at 5:15 a.m., I watched as the eye of the storm was just coming ashore.
  • I wondered it those CNN reporters feel as silly as they look standing in a storm. With all the technology we have at hand, I don´t know that warm bodies in the middle of natural disasters are really neccesary. Makes for great viewing. I laughed as I saw the one guy try to keep his hat on his head while hanging on to a sign post. What a way to make a living.
  • Mom and Dad´s sprawling retirement complex, the “Testament to Tin”, is going to get pretty battered, we´re sure. Most of the reports coming out of Florida seem to be from around the Tamiani Trail area. Los Padres are lodged safely in Washington D.C., and are being hosted by their oldest son, and heir to what is left of the trailer. Rock, his lovely wife Lori, and their three incredibly beautiful children (remember Uncle Tim when he is old) are enjoying an extended visit with our beloved parents (I´ll never give up).
  • We watched Chicago take Houston in Game 2 of the World Series. The Spanish ESPN station broadcast it here. What a thrilling 9th inning.
  • Last night the Pepino Suave clan was invited out to dinner by Rosi and Karina, two fellow teachers of P.S. We were treated to a wonderful seafood meal in a popular spot north of town. There was live music onstage, as well as roaming Mariachis that went from table to table taking requests. Someone* told the management that Talea and I were celebrating birthdays this week, so we had to wear silly hats while the restaraunt, staff and diners, sang “Las Mañanitas” to us. Once the song was over, I was forced to drink a shot of taquila while the crowd roared in approval. When in Rome, er Durango…

Los vientos sì soplan,

Huracán Pepino

*Loose-Lips Inky

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