Talea´s Party

Talea´s birthday party was a success. Her three girlfriends, plus two of their cousins, arrived within an hour of the appointed time (not bad for these parts). We ate hotdogs, chips, and sucked down pop near the bowling alley. Talea and friends insisted that her head should be smushed into the cake, or it was no kind of party. They shoved her head into the pastry, and she came up shreiking with laughter and covered in icing. The party had begun.
The party organizers, young employees of Durango´s premier (well, its only) movie theatre, took the gaggle of girls to the Spong Bob piñata. I recruited some of my students who were hanging around the theatre to come, too, and help sing. The girls and my charges proceded to accost the sea creature with a stick until he was disembowled and laying in crepe-paper shreds. As the girls dashed for the candy, I caught the cleaning ladies sneeking sweets with their brooms; pretending to be doing their job while committing larceny. Always a child at heart, I guess.
After the Spongacide, the girls, fueled by murder and refined sugar, played arcade games for a couple hours and got amazingly over stimulated. Talea at one point got “lost” in a jungle gym and had a melt down that would make Jim Carry´s acting seem subtle. She peered out of a shark´s mouth at the top of the structure and wailed, “I´ll never get out of here! I´ll never get out of here!” She got out of there. And returned. Three times.
Ingrid and I had mixed feelings. We were happy that we were able to put aside our disdain for places like this, and let our child have a good time. On the other hand, we were digusted with ourselves for letting our child have a good time in a place like this.
Talea rated this one of her best birthdays of “all time”, but then listed all the friends back home she would have liked to invite. Oh, well.

Pinball Pepino

PS Linda, your package got here right on Talea´s birthday. Great timing, heh?

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