Feliz Cumpleaños Talea

Talea woke up real early this morning. I had hardly began eating my cornflakes. She pattered out into the hallway rubbing her eyes and muttering happily, “I´m seven years old.”
Last night Talea and I delivered Ingrid´s home-made birthday cupcakes to her many friends in the neighborhood. The old guy at the laundry, Don Felix, was so impressed that he called Talea over to the soda cooler and had her pick out any pop she wanted. She picked out a grape soda (pop, Fourniers) and said to him, “Muchisimas gracias.” The two girls at the papeleria were more enchanted with Talea´s generousity than with the cupcakes themselves. They begged her to come back today (surely to receive a hand-made gift). The apartment watchman even said, “Happy birthday to you.”
Tonight we celebrate with her pals, a piñata, and two hours of loud, bright arcade games. More to follow…

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