Welcome to the Jungle

  • There are no bells at my school. Passing time is signaled by music played over loudspeakers throughout the campus. The normal menu is salsa, bolero, raggaetone, and, most frequently, latin pop. The keeper of the music, a lady named Cukis (sounds like “cookies”) tipped her cap to me by playing only American music today. Throughout my day I heard Guns N´Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”, Queen´s “We Are the Champions”, The Eagles “Hotel California”, and Gary Wright´s “Dream Weaver”. I felt honored and, at the same time, out of place.
  • You might have noticed that my previous entry received a ton of comments. That is directly related to the fact that I introduced my students to the blog yesterday. I took five of my eight groups to the computer lab and showed them how they could not only read my reflections on their school, town, and country, but that they could communicate, via comments, with my students back home. Well, they took to my suggestion with a passion. Only group 3B abused the opportunity; theirs are the comments that include Spanish groserias (off-color langauge). You may brush up on your street Spanish among the many other services this blog provides.
  • Talea´s birthday is tomorrow. She has done a wonderful job of making sure I don´t forget.
  • Yesterday we spent the evening at little park near Talea´s school. Ink and I sat on a bench and chatted with locals while Talea played with school chums on a playscape that would make a U.S. trial lawyer lather at the mouth (the 25 foot slide was made of cement).

Hasta luego,

Papà Pepino

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