• Pozole is my new favorite Mexican food. It is a soup with either chicken or pork. There are huge grains of blanched corn, a tomatoe broth, and it is usually topped with lettuce, tomatoe, and maybe a radish. Juan Daniel´s mom made a pot of pozole for us today. Ingrid and I enjoyed the nasal-clearing soup, and I rank it a notch above Bistec Sabana, the thin cut of steak that used to top my list.
  • It is getting cold in the mornings here. Today I had to keep my shirt sleeves rolled down, brrrrr. Eat your heart out, Michigan, and save my leaves ´till spring.
  • Talea´s birthday is four days away, and I can´t seem to get her mind off a doll for a present. A mounted scorpion, a horse shoe, a bag of pork rinds; none of these gift ideas of mine change her mind. I have a few days to work on her…

Órale Carnales,

P.S., para servirles

195 thoughts on “Pozole

  1. su clase nos llega a el corazon y asta nos ase llorar es muy pero muy buena y nos a dejado muchas enseñansas como tambien nos a dejado morir de risa el profe me gusta por su gran sentido del humor gracias y asta pronto nos vemos en gringolandea bye


  3. wo0o0oo0o0laz we are mexico students our names are: david and youngest child we mean the good to them that us to treaty “the knee”(mr. tim Fournier) jajajajaja is not created is the best teacher of the world of ingles I hope that they take advantage of it already… good we took leave good then good bye

  4. elprofe timm es una persona muy especial para todo el grupo de 2 g ytambien para la escuela por que nos a enseñado muy burnas cosas y no solo de la misma mataeria sino tambien de lo q debemos y no aser gracias

  5. Mr. tim es super ultra buena onda y jugamos aprendiendo. “viva mr. tim”nosotras queremos contarles q Durango es muy beautiful y tiene muchas atracciones turisticas.ojala que algun dia tengan la oportunidad de visitarnos.bueno nos despedimos de ustedes sin antes desirles que nosotras somos ViRy Y NaSsIrA!¡

  6. our name is carmen, josue and anayeli, we live in durango, and mr tim is our profesor, he tells to us some stories about wolfs and shephards , britney spears and gringo songs: one gringo song is mr sun mr sun and good morning to you, oh no my english is so bad, the bad part fo the story is: mr tim will leave us in christmas, and if our teacher is with us, tell me how is she, is bad? is grumpy? is good? laugh a lot? ok thats not miportant, mr tim is good very good, and durango is very beautiful, and quiet, there is one rob per year ( i think two) will be good if you come to durango, to see all the tourist attratctions, like: one huge fish and rocks from mars , and i will teel you a secret here in my school the teachers leave us to have girlfriend jejeje ok thats maybe truthits all byeour friends carmen josue and anayelime i am josue add me joshua_0912@hotmail.com

  7. Hello my name is Daniel , the mister Tim good teacher an classroom the efiu fun class class.i am fun .es un honor tener un maestro asi es divertido y aprendes el ingles de forma divertida .nunca voy a olvidar al profesor Tim.Cuando se vaya lo voy a extrañar por que nunca habra un maestro mejor que el bueno eso pienso yo.espero que les haya gustado mi comentario yo creo que piensan igual que yo y eso hasta es obvio con el se te alegara el dia Gracias por todo Mister Tim yo lo quiero y lo aprwecio mucho .

  8. hi!!! the mr. tim is a good teacher. i like the inglish class i a funny and happy. i like the panda is the punk musicand DADDY YANKEE and my music favoryte is the regaettonn

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