We´re back in Durango. Durango City. El Pueblo de Durango. Durango, Durango. Durango Town.

We arrived this morning at más o menos 6:00 a.m. The bus pulled into the station after an over-night 12 hour drive from Mexico City. We taxied the rest of the way home, entered the apartment, dropped our bags, and crashed for a couple of hours. We´ve been spending the rainy day getting ready for the week – homework, class planning, cereal eating, movie watching, lazy Sunday. Talea stayed in her pijamas all day long. As we watched this afternoon´s movie in Spanish, she kept blurting out, in Spanish, comments to the actors. It was a blast.

Mexico City was wonderful, and Saturday´s journey was the cherry on top of the nieve, güey. Pepino S. will fill you in on that, and so much more, in tomorrow´s exciting entry. Stay tuned.

Nos vemos, cuates,


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