Busy Week

Today and tomorrow I attend a workshop entitled, “Evaluation in the Classroom”. It is taking place at another middle school on the other side of town. I hitch a ride part of the way and then take a bus the rest. Teachers from around Durango are attending. I was elected to go from my school because I am a visiting teacher from the States (or the director is a quick read and sees a sucker when he comes walking up to him with a bald head and accented Spanish). Either way, I´m not in front of kids, but acting like one with other teachers.
Wednesday we´re off to Mexico City. The Fulbright people and the American Embassy are hosting the American teachers and their families from across Mexico to a three day conference. We will talk about our experiences and visit key embassy folks and sites in the city. Yippy, skippy.
I´ll leave by plane Wednesday morning. Ingrid and Talea follow that night by bus. They will arrive Thursday morning. Why? Your tax money doesn´t pay for their transportation.
We´ll return Sunday after visiting our good friend Elsa and her daughters (formerly of Grand Rapids).
Mexicans are going nuts after winning the World Cup (G17 version, I think its called. Ask a Noordijk). They beat Brazil in the finals. Its a big deal here because they don´t have hockey.

Go Blue,

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