Felicitaciones Mis Padres

I am trying to avoid using the Pepino Suave Blog (PSB in Pepino jargon) for family and friend birthdays, communions, and the like. Too much pressure. I always get them wrong, even though Mrs. Pepino has a toilet-side calendar of family/friend birthdays, etc. Still, I am compelled to acknowledge Momma Pepino and Papa Pepino´s 346th wedding anniversary.
Yes, today the grandest pair of pickles to ever travel in a minivan celebrate the beginning of yet another year of dilled bliss.
As the middle son, and heir to absolutely nothing of their vast wealth, I can dare to post some marital related Spanish vocabulary (and to refer to Dad as Papa Pepino. Real brave, I´m thousands of miles away, where no sane pickle would go):

  • Esposa – wife, handcuffs, or a yoke (like on livestock – look it up yourself)
  • Noera – sister-in-law. If you put a space between the “no” and “era” it means “wasn´t”
  • Yerno – son-in-law. Sounds like “ayer, no” which means “yesterday no”. If Pops has his way, Kelly, it´ll be “manana, tampoco” – “tomorrow neither”
  • Tus Labios, Morena, Saben a Veneno – “Your Lips, Little Black Girl, Taste Like Poison”. Has little to do with marriage, vaguely with love, but I think it is a neat salsa lyric. Pardon.
  • Jamás – forever

That damage done, I would like to wish my dear Godchild, Becca, a belated communion anniversary. It seems like yesterday, Becca. Looking forward, the Pepino clan sends felicitaciones to another bilingual Fournier, Abby, who will be confirmed this month. Que Dios les bendiga.

Los veo,

Pepino Suavesón

4 thoughts on “Felicitaciones Mis Padres

  1. Joe,One hour. We are one hour behind. Its Chicago time here.You guys coming home soon? I want to pitch an idea to you and Pete. I´ve been thinking a lot: A Mexico Sign of the Beefcarver chain of restaurants. Think about it. A la cart Mexican food served to old Mexican people.Brainstorming,Tim

  2. Tim,Great idea. Remember the bonnets the waitresses wore, how about making them Sombreros in Durango.Instead of Baked or Mash, we could say Rice or beans. Salsa istead of Au’Juice….Million dollar idea….

  3. I guess the cab buisness in Durango is the same across all of Mexico. When I was in Cancun and Playa Del Carma, they hounded you for three blocks. The best thing to do is look away….Do the locals still work out in the 100 degree weather with long sleeve shirts and blue jeans? That always amazed me in Cancun. I couldn’t believe more people didn’t get heat exhaustion…

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