Se La Cayò

Talea´s tooth fell out. She yanked it before her swim lesson today. It is already under her almohada. She hopes the Tooth Rat comes tonight (see for an explanation). I hope Talea excepts pesos. I hope the Tooth Rat doesn´t linger.

Talea´s smile resembles Leon Spinks´.

Que pasen muy buena noche,

Compadre Pepe

4 thoughts on “Se La Cayò

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  2. Hey, Pepino! Nice picture of you on your school’s website. Dad would be proud. You look like a perv…or maybe that guy from Sling Blade. Either way, it’s quite disturbing. The kids laughing at you in the background add to the unusual facial expression and pose you got going on. Weird gringo. Go back home!(You know I’m just kidding with you, big brother). Hasta luegoa…or something to that effect. Your sis, Kel. xoxoxo

  3. Thank you, thank you, for your b-day wishes!! I’m just catching up on your blogs. We spent an awesome weekend up in Traverse City with Dad–good quality time with just the 5 of us at this wonderful old lakefront log cabin. Mom’s ashes were spread at Château Chantal in a beautiful field of wildflowers on the side of a hill that overlooks both the East and West Bay.Your school site is awesome…better than ours here! (except for that one disturbing picture of the gringo)Anxious for you to post some pics!On to Ink’s blog…………xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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