• Talea was awake by 5:30 a.m. with a five-peso piece in her hand. She was thrilled with the Tooth Rat. I came home this afternoon and she still had the five pesos in her fist. Her theory is that TR gave her a peso for every tooth she is missing. If there were a Hair Rat, I´d be rolling in pesos.
  • The sky in Durango is almost always blue, and huge. The dryness, the mountains, and the clear light are as much a part of the scenery as a Clint Eastwood movie.
  • I caught some Red Wing highlights on cable the other night. I might be able to see the game on Sunday, if the promotions prove accurate.
  • You know who is real funny? Mexican comic Cantínaflas. He died a few years ago, but his reruns are on the t.v. all the time. He has an incredible legacy here, and I can see why. He makes Jerry Lewis look like a French B movie star. Rent one of his movies. Cantínflas´, not Jerry Lewis´.
  • Some of the cars here come straight out of road warrior. Missing hoods, headlights, bumpers, and even seats are not a rare sight. I saw a Pontiac Catalina the other day that was identical to my first car (a1972 model) – which was considered old in the early eighties. Same green corroded paint, bondo, and rustolium.
  • On the other hand, plenty of new and exotic cars are common, too. There are antiques and hot rods stored in the parking garage of our apartment building.

Muy buenas tardes,


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