The Who

I have been Afuera De Acción the last couple of days. Sorry, fans. Thing is, I have been spending my Internet Cafe pesos on attempts to update this sillly blog. Notice the cobalt blue side bar to our right. Kind of irritating, isn´t it? I did not intend to do that. You see, I was trying to add Inky´s blog and my school´s blog there so that you could easily go to those sites. Instead, I changed a bunch of features. At this rate, I am going to make Manuel Garcia Gomez Perez, the Internet Cafe owner, a rich hombre, and my site will end up looking like yesterday´s enchilada. Patience.

Yesterday´s Mariachi-fest was an inspiration. Although we saw groups from all over the region, the Mariachis from Durango rocked. I´m looking at a second career as a Mariachi bassist. Kind of like a Mexican-style Entwistle. I´m thinking a Mariachi Opera of Tommy. It all started here, folks.

Talea wore her pink cowboy hat all over town, and to the Mariachi concert. Can´t wait to get the matching boots. We are looking for a pink horse, too.

No school Thursday. Teacher inservice. We are going to be informed of the national educational reforms. I hope the reforms include more teaching hours. Ink thinks my tongue might actually get frozen to my cheek one day. Mom, can that really happen?

Bistec Sabanera (a sheet of steak – its paper thin) is my favorite so far, with onions and mushrooms.

Got to go. I meet the girls at Oxxo in ten minutes.

One Ton Tomatoe Out,
Pinche Pepino

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