Sombrero Rosado

Talea has a pink cowboy hat. This afternoon we went down to the market in the town “centro” and shopped for hats and boots. Talea insisted on getting the second hat she saw – a faded pink wide brim with a chin lace. She looks great. Fortunately, there is a great variety of pink cowboy boots, too. Next pay day…

Lunch today? I had huevos rancheros, Ingrid had huevos campasinos, and Talea had pollo con papas. My huevos came with a tomatoe suace over them, served on a tortilla, Ingrid´s were like an omellete with potatoes, and Talea´s pollo was, well, chicken. Roasted. Sabrosisimo.

Tomorrow´s theme is Mariachi. After church we will walk down to the main park and watch a Mariachi jam. Mariachis from all over the region will be there. In fact, we saw a bunch of them wandering the market today. One guy almost knocked me over with his bass guitar. Tomorrow night we´ll go to the theatre to watch the annual Mariachi program. I will be looking for inspiration, as Monday night will be my first Mariachi guitar lesson. Rock on…

Espero que todos estén bien,

´Mano Peps

5 thoughts on “Sombrero Rosado

  1. Hey Pepino, wish you were Suave!!!!Does the wife know her favorite show started its second season tonight. I’m watching it as I type. Uncovering a lot of stuff…

  2. Joe,We don´t get Desperate Housewives here. Feel free to fill me in on details! Thankfully, we do get the Detroit Sports Report which keeps us updated on the Red Wings (and all the other Michigan teams).A Beefcarver Fan

  3. Your blog is fantastic! You write like you talk- hilarious! It’s like talking on the phone but I don’t have to say a word Keep yourself and my girls safe. Embrace this unique experience.Mi Amor,El Amamario de CarneP.S. Nicky’s now a Cub Scout and (Doh!) I’m a Den Leader. La vida en America.

  4. Remember when we tried to get into the boyscouts at Burbank? They never called us back. We were rejected by the Boyscouts. You and Nick are like Fournier insurgents. We´ll get ém from inside…Proud of you two,PS

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