!Al Animo!

There will be no school Friday. Classes are canceled because of a hastly scheduled union meeting. For that matter, Thursday´s lesson plans are rubbish; the sub-directora called for mass testing all day; some kind of national assesments (No Chavo Left Behind?). These announcements were made just this morning. Ironically, I just turned-in my long-term plans…

I will take advantage of Friday´s day off by visiting Talea´s school. It bothers me that I haven´t been able to observe more of what happens at her school, or talk to her teacher. I am comforted that Ingrid is on top of it, and that Talea has been coming home more excited about school, but its not the same second-hand. Also, there is a Parent/Teacher meeting tomorrow night. I hope to be more in the loop by the end of this week. Talea is one brave gringita. We are so proud of her.

Our coffee maker (we call her “Animo”. Look it up.) is putting out a steady flow of joe. Ingrid and I can cope with daybreak better these days. Less like vampires. I put the instant coffee in the freezer. I´ll bring it out for visitors.

As I type this at Miguel Ingnacio Suarez Garcia´s Internet Cafe, I am listening to Pink Floyd´s
“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. Funny thing, these internet cafes. There is no coffee here, instant or real-time. Just a bank of 8 or so Samsungs and a cd player. Maybe a speaker or two. I guess the music makes it a cafe. As I tap away, I usually listen to Ranchera, Nortena (kind of like country – lost dogs, wives, the drink, cheatn´gringos, etc), or Spanish pop (Shakn´Shakira, Thalia, Julieta Venegas), but every once in a while I get a blast of classic rock. Hey, listen to that: Sarah Maglaclin´s “Building a Mystery”. Miguel is getting contemporary. What more do you want for 10 pesos an hour? Rock on, diamante loca…

You ever had tripe soup? It goes for about 3 bucks a bowl down the street from school. Smells like a dirty cow. Ever smell a clean cow? Forever a city boy…

Hasta la próxima,

El Distinguido Pepino Suave

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