Padre Andres

I had seafood soup for lunch. Ingrid had a chicken taco. Talea picked from our plates. We ate at the Gran Hotel Gobernador. The plan was to eat lunch, then swim in the hotel pool. The management told me that was the arrangement. You eat here, you can use our pool. So we did.
We spent the afternoon in their pool, surrounded by a well-manicured garden. We were the only ones in the pool area, as this is considered off-season for swimming, even though it is always in the 70s to 80s farenheit. Just not done. Talea and I went diving for pesos. Ingrid taught us some swim strokes. We read, napped, and jumped back in the pool.

Tomorrow we go to church. There are several in town, as many as there are bars in Hamtramck. We´re going to El Sagrado Corazon (Sacred Heart). Padre Andres is up to bat at the 1:30 pm mass. He and his youth group give a lively hour-and-a-half mass every Sunday, with guitars, maracas, the whole nueve yards. I´ve been to the earlier mass, but its only good if you are in a rush, or if you want to take a quick nap. The old padre that gives the earlier mass just doesn´t have Padre Andres´ charm or energy. Punch in, punch out. Padre Andres throws a couple jokes into the sermon, he walks around the church like an evangelical, and is usually pretty provacative. Still, its a long show. You´d think it was a Lutheran service or something…

El Grito update: Friday night´s independence celebration kept the boys in azul pretty busy. This morning´s El Sigo reported 75 arrests including 27 drunks and 33 minors.
Also, unrelated but of great local importance, the Forestales of Durango beat the Lecheros of Lagunero in last night´s soccer match. Go Forestales! Yea.
By the way, in baseball, the Alacranes of Durango beat Matamoros (Coahuila) 2-1 yesterday, as well. Great weekend for Durangueses.

Que chido,
Pepi S.

2 thoughts on “Padre Andres

  1. Maracas…hmmm….how many are you allowed to bring back into the country? We had flags on Sunday (red, not U.S.). By December Zion may be ready to “shake” it up a little. (sorry, for the horrible, horrible pun, generally I am anti-pun).

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