Talea Is Content!

Talea wants me to report to her fans that she had a “great day at school today”. First-day jitters are a mere memory. She counts four friends on her side, one who actually gave her a piece of gum. In gym they played the Mexican version of Red Light, Green Light. Her homework was to write capital and lower-case “M”, like, 2,345,544.098 times. Then she made little flash cards with her seven vocabulary words for the week. She had no idea what they meant but she could pronounce them like a little mexican.
Ingrid and Talea went to their respective swim lesson/exercise classes this afternoon. They returned damp and content. Ingrid discovered a new way to bid farewell in the evening, “que descansen bien”. She´s going to use that communication degree in two languages…
Pepino Sauve is feeling much better, thank you; like a 40 year old who hasn´t run in a week. I mean run in the literal sense. No flu allusion, folks.
Two more days ´till we start celebrating Mexican Independence. Hold on to your seats.

Que descansen bien,

1 thought on “Talea Is Content!

  1. Talea: This is Meeker here. I am so proud of you for taking on a new school in a new place in a whole new country! You have the heart of an adventurer, just like your Mom and Dad.Just finished “Peace Like A River.” Great story! Pepino S, I am glad to hear that your own river has finally been plugged, and that you are able to celebrate la dia de indepencia como un mexicano.

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