Pepinita Goes To School

Talea spent her first day at La Escuela No. 10, Guadalupe Revilla. I took a picure of her in uniform and hope to get it on the blog some time soon. I can hardly find the comma key on these foreign hybrid computers, let alone perform something tricky. Anyway, she was nervous. Chewed the eraser off the first pencil of the day. The second one survived. I imagine she swallowed enough anxiety and fear to be dealt with years from now when she has her own health insurance.
There is a teacher in the school capable of communicating sufficiently in English to Talea.
Her first homework assignment was to write the small-case “j” a couple million times, and then come up with ten words that begin with “j”. Daddy help her a bit with that. She is not too hot about going back to school tomorrow, but she did meet “four friends”. Once she finds out that she will be thronged by a cadre of gringo-groupies, she´ll be a lot more comfortable.
Mamma Inky took Talea to school. She is comfortable with the situation, and wants Talea to see it through. She is sure that Talea will do great.
We found a pool for Ingrid and Talea. It is the last place you´d ever expect a pool to be – near a busy intersection a few blocks from the apartment. There is no way to know that a pool is within the walls of the joint, you just got to know somebody. A fellow teacher took us today. A beautiful, clean pool, it´ll cost about 50 bucks a month each for them to swim every afternoon, Monday thrue Friday. Talea get swim lessons, and Ingrid does some kind of water arobics with other women. They bought their swim caps tonight. Yippi-Skippi.
Yours Truly is feeling better. Today, I´d say I felt like an extremely healthy 75 year-old man. It was hard to put the Pep in the Pepino during today´s lessons. I was dragging, but atleast had control of my bodily functions. Things are looking up.
The Mexican Independence is celebrated the end of this week. The place is going nuts with green, red, and white. !Viva Mexico!


3 thoughts on “Pepinita Goes To School

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