Pepino Chicks

Ingrid and Talea arrived! Their plane came ten minutes before scheduled. They both look beautiful, tanned, and, well, beautiful. First thing Fidencio did was ask pardon from Ingrid for how miserable I looked. Thanks, pal.
This morning, I took my ladies to Talea´s school. They both agreed it would be a nice walk for them in the mornings. Then, as anyone would do when hosting visitors from abroad, I took them to Wallmart and we shopped ´till we dropped.
We´re going to watch soccer this afternoon. Talea loves her room. And Ink, upon seeing the apartment, kept repeating (you guessed it),¨”Oh my Gosh!”. She is pleased. She rocks.

In this week´s entries your friend here in Durango, the distinguished Pepino Sauve, will fill you in on Talea´s first days at school, and Ingrid´s first days spreading her sunshine in la Valle Duranguense.

Stay put. We´ll be back.


5 thoughts on “Pepino Chicks

  1. I typed my last comment the same time I received your “Pepino Chicks” article….Bizarre….Guess I can assume the family made it there..In case your interested, the Lions are winning 7-0 2nd quarter. (It is 5:15 ETD)…

  2. Pep – what kind of journalist are you? We don’t care if it’s Monte’s revenge, or if the Fornier chicks are in the house or if some new found friend/blog marketer said that you deserve time off…this blog needs to be updated DAILY!!!Our lives are significantly less without your daily nourishment. I am sure the gals can find something to do while you sit in the Internet cafe and compose witty for us. Mrs. Del-Toado is now convinced that the ‘Rango is where we need to take our next vacation. To counter, I printed out your “Leche de Magnesia” and left it on her pillow. Joey Harrington and I think we should take our vacations at the pro bowl…Sincerely, DelStudso

  3. Querido DelStudso,Forget about, my expat friend, you`re coming regardless. Ink is already checking out sites for the Iowa-Italian convention here in Durango.I´ll have the Pepto on tap.Hey, did the Lions end up winning?-El Calvito

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