Staff Meeting

The English teaching staff at my school (La Escuela Secundaria No.1 de Durango) had a meeting this morning. Ironically, much of it was in Spanish. Also notable, it was a lot like any other staff meeting I´ve been to except for the fact that a real big guy in jeans and a t-shirt quietly served us coffee and cookies while we met. That has never happened before. A nice touch, in a bizarre way.
We talked about testing, sequence of instruction, and (are you asleep yet?), materials. I returned to my students refreshed with the awarness that there is nothing else in the teaching profession that I would like to do but be in a classroom. Meetings fall in the doctor appointment, washing the toilet bowl, eat your spinach, flossing catagory of Things You Don´t Want To Do But Are Kinda´Necesary, Atleast To Say That You Did It (TYDWTDBAKNATSTYDI). Onward…
I had the ´comida´today at Juan Daniel´s house. J.D. is the boyfriend of Alfonsina´s (my Mexican counterpart) daughter. While Alfonsina and daughter are in Michigan, J.D. is a single guy like Pepino Suave, atleast ´till Saturday, when the Pepino Chicks arrive. J.D.´s mom is as funny as she is a good cook. She taught me that a ´Nico´is new wealth, and ´pochos´are Mexicans that use Spanglish. I´m a gringo or a guero. No offense.

Weather´s nice.

Three more days until my better Two-Thirds arrive!


2 thoughts on “Staff Meeting

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