Mis Socios

Mis Colegos-
You know, I finished that last entry and as I reveled at the creativity of my errors (I signed off as ¨Piponazo¨. Silly me. A huge cucumber would be a ¨Pepinazo¨. Pardon) I realized that I had not written anything about my colleagues here in sunny Durango.
The English Academy (that is what our group is called) consists of 8 teachers – three males and five females. You do the math. I´d say the median age is 45. I´ve observed that the teaching corps here seems older than back home. A good group of hard-working teachers. In many ways they are creative. One teacher is creating a web site for our students to practice English. Another teacher runs a language program based on tourism. I see lots of different techniques being used by all of them. Its not just sit n´git teaching. I admire them for their effort to maintain English when conversing with me. My mantra, when asked my opinion of things here, is that the teachers do a whole lot with very little here in Durango.

By The Way
In one of my classes today, the students decided that our main character, M&M The Wolf, had a radio. What did he listen to? Its obvious – Ranchera Hip Hop. These kids get it, amigos.

Su distinguido vegetal,
Pepino Suave

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