Gringo Stomach

Milk of Magnesia is called Leche de Magnesia here. It is the nectar of the Gods. After three weeks here, my gringo stomach finally started to rebel. Not that bad, just a low-grade fever and a phobia of leaving the apartment. I felling better already. Thank you.
Ingrid and our dear friend Meeker understand my dilemna. We spent a couple weeks in the Dominican Republic. Part of our stay was in my old Peace Corps site. It was, to say the least, rustic. Regular plumbing and electricity is not part of the Campo Package. Anyway, the three of us found ourselves disussing our digestive systems much more than we would ever back home. In fact, I can´t remember discussing gastro-intestinal angst over dinner, on horseback, or under a waterfall at any point of my life in the States. So, I thought the Blog would be a good venue to continue the discussion. Feel free to comment.

Pepino S.

PS I taught finger vocabulary today. Warning to fellow teachers – careful when asking which the middle finger is, ok? Forty-five students showing me the infamous digit was shocking. Special with the innocent smiles on their faces. So eager to please…

2 thoughts on “Gringo Stomach

  1. Dear Tim,I hope that the women in your life have arrived safely and can distract you from further ruminations on stomach grumbling (or worse). Tell them both that your rcwp buddies sent hugs to all.I love the large pictures that the small insights generate. Blog on, Pepino Suave!Janet

  2. Hey, Janet, great to hear from you. I especially welcome your comments. Hope to keep the big pictures coming – you have been one of my best teachers of just that.Oh, and congrats upon MSU beating Hawaií. UM didn´t fare as well…

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