El Sol de Durango

The town of Durango is located in a wide valley in the Sierra Madre mountain range. Durango weather is mild year-round. Because it is surrounded by mountains, rain sweeps in and out quickly. Rarely does a rain shower last more than half an hour, and the area is protected from extremely harsh winds. I´ve been told it snows here maybe once every five years. It must be rare, because my kids didn´t know what a snowball was until I mimed the making of one. At first they thought I was harvesting rice.

I´m not leaving here without a cowboy hat and boots.

According to today´s El Sol de Durango:

  • Judas Priest played Mexico City last weekend. Whitesnake opened for them. Either David Coverdale still has lungs or maybe a voice messed up by drugs and age doesn´t translate.
  • Raquel Welch turned 65 this week.
  • The US government has authorized the Mexican army to participate in the rescue and relief efforts for the Katrina victims.
  • Today you get 10.77 pesos for every dollar. I remember 12 years ago getting 4 pesos for a dollar.

My favorite song this week is ¨Todo Eso No Fue Un Error¨, sung by Julia Venegas, Paula Rubio, and some guy whose name I don´t know yet. I´ll get back to you. Ms. Venegas has a few songs out there that I like. Unlike many female latin singers, she got a wholesome thing going for her. A couple of Shakira´s video are almost soft porn. I have to cover my eyes:) Thalia does a lot of jiggling, too. Its hard to focus on the lyrics. Hm, can´t come up with any male artists that stand out yet. Juanes has a catchy tune out called ¨camisa negra¨. I saw an interesting Juan Gabriel documentery. He´s Mexico´s Frank Sanatra/Elvis with a little Boy George going on there under the radar.

I had a chorizo gordita today for lunch. What was Taco Bell thinking?

6 thoughts on “El Sol de Durango

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  3. Joe,Shakira has an English language album just released. YOu´ll see plenty of her.Holly,I´ll prepare my snow ball mime presentation for your graduation party, ok? No charge.Love,Tio Tim

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