The U.S. soccer team beat Mexico 2-0 on Sunday. Folks weren´t to happy with me in the staff room today. The US plays Guatamala, I think, this week.

Que Dios los bendiga,

PD The entry below contains an error. Actually all my entries seem to contain some kind of error. Give me a break, they charge 10 pesos and hour to use this computer. Consider all my entries drafts. Anyway, I said the ´comments´prompt is on the lower left of my entries. That is only when you are looking out from the computer. From where you are sitting, the comments prompt is on the lower right of my entries. Use it. Often.

PD2 Please don´t expect me to publish corrections often. Pepino Suave isn´t made of pesos.

5 thoughts on “Gringos

  1. Tio Teem:Greetings amigo. Not much correspondance since the old “states” game – but that doesn’t mean we don’t think of you when we a) read the Drudge report, b) see a repeat of the brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills or c) travel through Ontario and think “what could have been”.Got an email from the Senora inviting us down to join the festivities. Yeah, we’ll get right on that roadie. Of course, one never knows and if that is the case the Mrs. Suave will end up learning a valuable lesson about throwing out invites.Seriously (? – like when are we not serious) hope you have a great time and keep those updates coming.As a side note, I always found the best way to get under the locals skin was to completely ignore the futbol results when they involved the good ol’ EEUU – showing our national distain for the game. Then, when the Uncle Sam’s beat the locals, I’d mutter something along the lines of, “Of course I expected that result and just think what the score would have been if we even cared a little bit.” And I wondered why the locals never took a shine to me…oh well, we all can’t be as smooth as Dick Vitale’s grandson.XOXO Senor Toad and the rest of the Killer D’s

  2. Hey Killer D´s -Chow, baby! How are tings? Hey if La Pepina invited you, the doors open. Our kids could run this town for awhile.Hope you are all well, hope to see you soon, and hope to see some stuff on your blog, too.Go blue, Peps

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