Comments Please

Hey, Friends of Pepino Sauve (FOPS), don´t be shy. This was intended to be an interactive blog. In order for it to be interactive, we have to interact. Send your comments. I promise to respond. This is much easier to maintain than email correspondence. Just mouse over to the little ´comment´prompt there at the lower left side of my entries, double click, and give me a shout. I won´t bite. Promise.
Do you have questions, concerns, boyfriend problems? What mysteries of Mexico can I de-mystify? Want to share a recipe? Rage? Talk to me.
I´m on your side,

4 thoughts on “Comments Please

  1. Hey!I’ve noticed that recently the comments you do get are from random people…so I’m back on the comments page. I read your entries every day (in fact, I look forward to when you update), but until now I didn’t think of commenting. Well don’t worry, those days are over! 🙂 Love you!~ Holly ~

  2. At what point are we considered “FOPS” groupies? After 1, 2, or 3 comments?Thanks for laboring on Labor Day. I find it ironic that Talea’s school uniform will be red white and blue while we’re living in the land of red, white and green. Looking forward to celebrating the independence day with you!La esposaAKA wife of The Peeps

  3. Hey Holly, Joe, y mi Bella Esposa,Yea, Holly, those random comments are spooky. I got one tonight on my last entry from someone trying to send me to a pharmacutical company. Joe, no fish ladder but there are plenty of local landmarks that I can mis-identify.Ink, you are a FOPS groupy the minute you roll your eyes at one of my attempts at humor. You, my dear, are a charter member. xxoo

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