This morning I read an editorial in the local paper by a man named Jorge Zepeda Patterson. He was writing about the response to the Gulf Coast tragedy. In it he characterizes Americans as the type of people who would crawl over old people and children to help themselves. . He managed to link this natural disaster to President Bush, the war in Iraq, energy policy, and the American individualistic spirit.

I find that ironic, as I read his piece while in a country that suffers its own laundry list of social ills, and a migration of its country´s best to the ol´USA. It is rare to get such wide-ranging generalizations and hate in one piece of writing. You´d think he was in either the Michael Moore or the (Not So) reverand (smaller case intended) Falwell camp. When the far-Right meets the far-Left, it all sounds the same, no matter the language, culture, or country: hateful.

Peace from Durango,

2 thoughts on “Editorial

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