Gringo Viejo

I am reading Carlos Fuentes´Gringo Viejo. Fuentes, one of Mexico´s finest authors, writes an account of an elderly gringo who, upon becoming old and tired, bids farewell to friends and travels into Mexico searching a glorious death at the hands of Pancho Villa, a firing squad, or anything that might me more romantic than a fall down the stairs, or a lengthy hospital stay.
The story is actually based on a real person. In 1913, Ambrose Bierce, a journalist in the Hearst chain, left for Mexico in search of a dignified death. He wrote his friends, “Ah, to be gringo in Mexico; that´s euthinasia.” He disappeared into Mexico and was never heard from again.
I like Bierce´s quote. Still, I have my own, Pepino Suave, version. I am not looking for a dignified, or any other, death here in Mexico. I think if a future prize-winning author wants to quote ol´Pepino Suave, this might do:
“Ah, to be a gringo in Mexico, now that´s a laxative.”
Que les vaya bien,

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