• A fellow teacher commented to me this morning that, judging by the pictures broadcast on the television, the Gulf Coast looks like Mexico. I judged him to be cynical of his country. He said he was just joking. It was an awkward moment.
  • President Fox spoke to the nation last night. It was the Mexican version of the state of the nation. This is election year in Mexico, so the speech held special importance. The entire speech was printed in the morning paper, and it filled almost two whole pages. A major theme was that the Mexican government should serve, not impose. I am getting a handle on the national election. This is an exciting time to be here. Coincidently, I was in Mexico during the presidential elections 12 years ago. A lot has changed since then. Most notably, the party that ruled the country for more than 70 years finally lost an election to Fox´s party. That is one of the big issues this time around – will the the former ruling elite return to its throne?
  • I found some apples in the market this afternoon. They were from Washinton State, George. They were pretty mealy, too. Let´s get some Michigan fruit down here.
  • As I entered the apartment today, a neighbor asked me why he wasn´t invited for soup. What soup? Why, the bat soup! Word spreads fast.

Pepino Suave out…

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