El Murciélago

I caught a bat (murciélago) last night. As I listened to the Hurricane Katrina coverage, I went into what will be Talea´s bedroom when she arrives (8 more days!). It was dusk, and I glimpsed what I thought was a little bird peeking into Talea´s room. Just as I was thinking how neat that would be for Talea to see, the creature´s wings expanded to about ten times its size and it start flying right towards me. I am living alone, I regret, and have no one to verify the quality or quantity of my scream, but I do remember hitting the tile floor hard and rolling towards the door. I didn´t fit in the door way, so I had to do a panicked yoga-like manuever to get into the hallway. I slammed the door and then walked around the apartment to think about the situation. I remember our dear friend Chucky exterminated a bat quite succesfuly some years ago. I didn´t have his equipment, though – rubber boots, swimming goggles, flannel shirt, gloves, and a tennis racket. There were some old sheets in a closet in our room. I grabbed one and peeked into Talea´s room. The bat was doing wide circles just below the ceiling. I snuck in, raised the sheet to the ceiling, and the winged rat flew right into my sheet. I balled it up, ran downstairs and bragged to the doorman that I caught a bat. He laughed. I said follow me. I set the darn thing free in the parking garage below the apartment just to show him. People are looking at me differently today.
El Pepino más macho del mundo,
Sr. Suave

3 thoughts on “El Murciélago

  1. I knew it was your macho bravado that attracted me to you. Did you have to let everyone know about the scream though? Takes away from the macho theme a bit…See you in eight days!Su esposa

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