Es Obvio

I have gotten correspondence from not literally thousands of blog readers from around the world. They are puzzled by the name of the blog. `Who is this Pepino Suave?`, they ask. ¨Is he a food item?¨, they question. ¨Should I Run?¨, they ponder.

Why, Pepino Suave is Yours Truly, Tim Fournier. I don´t know if these thousands of readers live miles from civilization, or if they simply spend too much time on their computers, but the whole Pepino Suave phenomena has been around for a while now, kids. My alter ego, Pepino Suave (Cool Cucumber) is a calm, mild mannered teacher. You´ll never see him sweat. He is known far and wide as a storyteller, singer, and gamesman. He is a master of none of these , but has a hoot trying. Hear him sing ¨Itsey Bitsey Spider¨in Spanish and you might understand the Pepino Suave Thing.

You live in darkness no longer, dear reader.

6 thoughts on “Es Obvio

  1. Having just had the pleasure of witnessing the Pepino in action but a month ago in the Cibao, I can attest that the man knows no peers when it comes to the bilingual thang. While I did notice a few beads of sweat emanating from the Cuke’s brow during his lessons in Jima Arriba, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt–surely it was a result of the Dominican sun in July beating down on his brow, and surely was not the result of any nervousness on his part…Con suerte, I’ll be able to again witness the Cuke himself working his linguistic wonders on the unsuspecting gente of Durango…!!Con mucho carino, La Meeka

  2. Well now that I know the facts behind the Pepino – it makes me scared to think what will happen when the world becomes aware – many copycats will certainly appear. Oh the danger this blog has unleased. We will have to refer to the copycats as pepino amargo since nothing can be as good as the original!!

  3. I have finally jumped in now that I see Meeker and Shirley have conquered their fears and joined the Blog train. Holly and Becca, we old ladies are figuring out this computer lingo stuff too. Pepino, should you be worried/flattered that only women are responding? Looking forward to seeing Pancho Villa.

  4. I’ve witnessed the Pepino Suave thing too! I don’t believe you saw him sweat, I mean, it’s impossible! Anyway El Pepino Suave thing es mucho loco!Si llamma, Coco LocoPS: Inky, how come you can’t post a comment as anonymous in your blog. Now I can’t give you any comments about the YMCA. Well, maybe I can here. Do you go to the Y down town.

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