Pancho Villa

From the window of my apartment I can just see the top of the monument to Francisco (Pancho) Villa. He is remembered as a revolutionary here. The statue depicts a portly man with mostache and cowboy hat riding a rearing horse. Villa was from Northern Mexico.
There is a Walmart and Sam´s club here in Durango. A McDonald´s is located close to Pancho´s monument. I wonder if he would have shopped there…

1 thought on “Pancho Villa

  1. Pancho Villa?? Hey! I bought one of those at Old Navy last season. Love it. Goes with everything. Jeans….khakis….it’s every girl’s “must have”. I geuss they did originate in Mexico. I saw those Mexican mice wearing them in the old Tom & Jerry cartoons. Took quite a few years to catch on State-side, I geuss. Or is that the new Italian place that opened up in Ferndale?? The name sounds os familiar. Hmmm…Anyways, glad to hear the locals are treating you so well, Suave Man. We miss ya! -Raquel

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