One Whiskey, One Bourbon, One Gin

George Thorogood´s “One Whisky, On Bourbon, One Gin” ran through my mind during my afternoon ride home with the school´s director (prinicipal), Fidencio. Actually, we took the long way home. By the time we arrived we had a few beers and taquilas in our bellies. He is a wonderful host and informal teacher of Mexican culture. Thanks to the beverages I believe we solved most of the world´s problems. If not, we had a great time in our attempts. I learned that Fidel Castro is actually a pretty swell guy, “carros chocolates” are contraband, sometimes stolen, cars from the states side, and that I should salt and season my food a heck of a lot more than I already do.
I was told not to drink the water…
Buenas noches.

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