Una Gordita

Teaching in the Mexican public school system is an obvious challenge. Still, my first few days here leave me impressed by the teachers and their students. There is a definite respect for education. Inspite of burdens that would make my home union leadership rage, the teachers seem to strive to be creative and prepared. The students appear to be aware of the fact that school is actually for learning. And I have to face it, I have a bias for uniforms in schools.

I tasted my first gordita today in the school store. It was so good. It is basically a tortilla with refried beans, lettuce, and tomato, or a variation of the same. I think the school store will be my refuge. The ladies who cook the food for the school are a riot. They are under the impression that a Gringo will faint if the food is the least bit spicy. They find the Taco Bell concept hilarious. I´ve found yet another challenge: busting the Gringo Myth (or affirming it – actually, they were pretty light on the salsa on my maiden gordita). Do you know that they put hot sauce on fruit here? I had some on a piece of pineapple today. Not bad. Stay tuned.


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