Day 2

It´s been a few days since my arrival and the only significant negative is that Ingrid and Talea are not with me yet. They arrive on September 10. That gives time for Talea to get to know her 1st grade class at home, and Ingrid and her partner teacher the opportunity to start their 3rd grade homeroom before they leave for Durango. Ingrid has been a big part of this whole teacher exchange process. I am looking forward to her, and Talea, to arrive and begin experiencing this with me. I miss them.
Between Monday and Friday I teach 11 groups of students, each three times a week. It is clear that my Tuesday and Thursday schedules will keep me busy. I begin teaching my first group at 7:20 a.m., and finish my last (of 8) groups at 1:40. There are a few hurried minutes of passing time (here the teachers change rooms, the students stay in one room), and a short break in the middle of the day. There is no lunch break – staff and students go home for the meal at 1:40. This won´t be boring. My Monday´s and Friday´s are set up better, with a couple of preperation periods. Wednesday isn´t so bad either.
Most of my groups are large, between 35 and 45 students. The kids come from all parts of the city of Durango to study here, the largest of the public secondary school. There are 1200 students in the morning session (schools in Mexico work in two shifts). The classrooms themselves are very basic and pretty worn down. Most consist simply of old desks, cement floors, and a chalk board. Ironically, it hard to find books or printed material posted anywhere students can be found.
As far as teaching, I am using a modified version of the method I have used at home the past couple of years. It is different that what most students here have seen before, but they seem enthusiastic, so far. They seem to understand my rationale, as well. The proof, I believe is in the pudding. We´ll see how much these kids can comprehend and produce by December, and compare it with the other groups taught be my fellow teachers. There is the challenge.

1 thought on “Day 2

  1. Hola, Pepino…er, Suave…um…..Tim!Glad to hear you arrived and settled into Durango just fine. Nothing new back here in the States. I geuss all I can say is, Careful of the water, but I guess you know that already. Durango’s probably like New York City compared to some places you’ve lived/taught….Hamtramck included. “-)You’re missed, surely, but what a great experience. You’ll be in my prayers!! Much love, Kel XOXOXO

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